I refer to my projects as a “mixludics” because they are a ludic mixture of concepts and ideas. They are often the result of working in collaborative and multidisciplinary teams. I picture them as a Venn diagram.

“Mixludic” is a made up word (of course), that I use to describe my work methodology and process.

This Venn diagram shows some stages which are the phases (described with a bombastic style, you know, to give them more scientific drama) that I follow (sometimes unconsciously) in my work process.


1. Behavioral observation

To observe always with new eyes, even if you are seeing old stuff. In words of Proust, the real art of discovery is not about traveling to new worlds, but instead looking with new eyes.

In a sentence, to observe with the wonder of a traveler lost in a weird place, noticing and celebrating the extraordinary in every day.


2.Ludic Associations

The associations and connections that arise from merging concepts, ideas, and even people, are always enriching, although sometimes they could only exist as an imaginative exercise.

It is a very fun way to generate fresh ideas, even if they are wacky, because in occasions they enclose fascinating concepts.


3. Conceptual experimentation

I like to treat my projects as experiments. Understanding that success doesn’t always come at the first attempt and that sometimes a failed experiment can lead to lucky result. I try to focus on the process, and avoid (this is hard) not getting obsessed with the idealisation of perfect universes. Basically, I urge myself to stop comparing me with successful stories.

I’m very curious, which is clearly reflected in my work style and may seem a little scattered: Illustration, design, videos, bread, needlework, jewellery, research, writing, furniture, ceramics, lamps, experiences, workshops, interaction, technology… I love to work with materials and experiment with different techniques. I love learning and I consider myself a maker.


4-Meta FUNctional making

Sometimes it is hard to know when a project is done. Da Vinci said that artworks where never finished, only abandoned. Some of my projects are becoming a 2.0 version (like Conciencitas and Torquai). In the end, even if a project looks finished, it can be a prototype for something better.

As for the “meta FUNctional” I like that my projects have different ludic lectures: meanings that bring conceptuality to the functionality. And, of course, FUN.

In this work diagram, you can appreciate that after the last stage comes the starting point once more, the observation, the re-evaluation. This is an infinite chore.


As a conclusion for this post, here is a little catch phrase that sums it all for me: Creativity comes form connecting and combining.