I really liked this project, was made for a friend who just started a Bed and Breakfast in the mayan Riviera. If you ever visit Cancún, stay with them!

Thanks to this specific project, I developed a better way to share and to understand the process of a graphic design.

We developed a brief for the project and I made a set of mood boards, because I love make mood boards, jaja. Even if may not make much sense at the beginning, actually is very helpful to find the spirit of the project.

This, for example I called it “Mystic Mermaid” This approach is inspired in the romantic and fun mysticism of mermaids. Pastel colours of a beach at sunset, purple and pink in contrast with the turquoise of the Caribbean Sea.

This one is called “Beach Balm”

A board inspired in the quietude of the beach, golden sand. Minimalistic, and natural. A style focused in the simple details, and in the dazzling lights of the water.

They chose one of the mood boards (The Mexican Mermaid) and the next step was for me to work some sketches and drawings.

From those, I detailed the ones that I found the most interesting and synthesise them in four logo proposals:

It helped me a lot to make this kind of muck ups with the images form the mood board they previously selected, just having a photo as wallpaper for the logo makes is easier to read as a concept.

This option represents the house of a mermaid, in the bottom of the sea surrounded by colourful coral reefs.

This other option is inspired in the mermaid’s scales, it also form a heart made of sea waves. This was one of my favourites.

This graphic included in a very sutil way the image of AirBnB (the inverted heart) in the mermaid’s chest. She has a star in her hand that represents the starts by the hotel industry gets their ranking.

This last option was more simple, but elegant. Could be printed in a golden color.

And the winner was, (as you already knew)

I think it works very well in both colours, and could be applied as a sticker or a seal, it also can work as en embroil.