Early prototypes for interactions in Papalote Museum.

I have the opportunity of working as a in interaction designer  in Hotpixel + Cocolab for Papalote Museo del Niño.

Papalote is the best and biggest Museum for children in Latino America. It opened 22 years ago, and now was time for its renewal.

Has been a fantastic project, we worked closely with Weldon Exhibits for developing the new interactive experiences for the museum.

I really enjoyed making this early prototypes for testing the interaction and the user experience, it gave us a very good feedback in developing the product.

One is a Visor that contains in one of the lenses a webcam to capture the image of the eye.

On the firsts tests we found out that the users couldn’t stare directly to the camera because they were also looking for their image in the screen. So all the images captured by the camera were eyes looking to the side and blurry, instead of having a nice front shoot.

To solve this, we added a mask that contain in the left eye a camera and the right eye sees throughout the mask so the user can se the screen, that has the output of the left eye. Also there is a physical shoot button on the camera. So the user won’t need to get off the mask to see the button ons screen.

The second prototype is a pulse sensor that would be mounted in fixed bicycle that the users can ride.

The heart beat sensor will function reading the pulse in the thumb. There will be a special grip on the handle that will encourage the position of the thumb in the sensor. It has a small indent to put the finger on place.

Image: Pepe Avalos Illustration

I love to do this kind of early prototypes, using materials that I might encounter around as resources to solve a need.