The idea was born during a peregrination in the area of “Los Altos”of Jalisco, Mexico. During the journey, my friends had the chance to meet producers of raicilla, a variant of mezcal, that is made from the wild agave Maximiliana.

Raicilla is an artisan beverage of great tradition, crafted by experts from Sierra Madre Occidental. It was originally consumed by the miners of that area.

It is distilled from agave plants in a similar way to mezcal, but with a special set of techniques that give it a particular taste.

Besides developing its visual appearance, one of the main objectives was to promote the manufacturer and the artesanal work that generates this unique product.

To begin with, I made a set of moodboards to find the spirit of the brand of the product.

Raicilla: When the “piña” is harvested, a little root (raicilla) can be seen in the base of the plant, and thats where the name of the beverage comes from.

Authors: Inspirations of how could we present the portraits of the craftsmen.

Cactae: inspired by the colours, fractals and patterns of the cactus.

Map: A “treasure map” following the route of the raicilla through Los Altos de Jalisco.


Inflorescencia  Maxima:

This proposal was inspired by rosettes and stained glass, a geometric pattern of the agave when is harvested. Perhaps making a degustation tour. Inflorescencia is light, and a flower. And Maxima is maximum, and the variant of the agave specie.

SantoQuiote: This one is a little more conventional, showing an agave blossoming. Looks good in one ink and can work as an embroiled or a seal

Meximiliana: It explores the agave leaf shape. This name was written by accident, but i liked it because it sounds like Mexico and Liliana (the name of one of the founders of the project).

I made this proposal for the sticker once the logo was selected. It was a representation of the agave leaf for the main sticker, and the second one to indicate one of the 3 different flavours, as an abstraction of the flower.

At the end, we sticked with something more conventional, to make its production easier and cost-efficient: