Animales Mexicanos en Peligro  (Mexican Animals in Danger) is a series of illustrated short stories, that talk to the children about the vast biodiversity of Mexico.

The protagonists of the books are the species that unfortunately are in the list of the list of the endangered species.

Trough their stories the readers learn about the biology of the species, and what they can do to conserve them.

In this volume, you can learn about Tortu, the Laud Turtle, that will start his trip being jus a baby from a turtle camp, dealing with predators, perils and waves, would manage to reach the sea to complete one of the most impressive migrations to the Asian Continent.

In his trip would eat delicious jellyfish, will allow him to nourish and grow to stop being prey to larger species, but also find something much more dangerous than marine predators: Plastic.

You can see the whole story here.